Munford - City Profile

Munford is a growing suburb in Tipton County, Tennessee -- in the Memphis metropolitan area.  The population was 5,927 at the 2010 national census, and increasing to 6,110 in the 2017 Special Census.  The primary route to Munford is US Highway 51 which runs south to Memphis (about 25 miles) and north to Covington, the county seat  (about 12 miles).  State Highways 178 and 206 are the two main routes in Munford. Within a five minute radius by car (which includes nearby towns and unincorporated areas) the population grows to 24,176

Munford has a friendly small town atmosphere, was ranked #4 in Business Week's Best Most Affordable Suburbs in 2009, and in 2015 ranked #2 by in their "5 Best Places to Live Near Memphis for Young Professionals".   Munford has a vibrant infrastructure for residential and commercial development, featuring a traditional downtown district plus a second commercial district along Highway 51.   Munford and nearby communities offer a full range of shopping, restaurants, medical providers, hotels, movie theaters, government and essential services (auto, heating & air, insurance, legal).   Munford is known for a safe and nuturing atmosphere for families, outstanding public schools (with nationally ranked music and FFA programs), convenient access to private schools and churches.   New residential developments are expanding here, offering a range of homes and price levels; with easy access to the Memphis metro area.   

Munford provides an extensive park system serving persons of all ages.   This includes organized youth sports (football, soccer, baseball, basketball), walking and jogging tracks, tennis courts, children's playgrounds, roller skating and  skateboarding, a vibrant seniors program, award winning fitness programs, and multiple picnic areas.  The centerpiece of our park system is City Park and its scenic gazebo, which for 30 years has been a focal point for many civic events (such as 4th of July) and family events (weddings and graduations).    

Munford is also home to the South Tipton County Chamber of Commerce and its monthly "First Friday Coffee" event -- which is well attended by citizens, businesses, non-profits and elected officials.  Munford hosts satellite offices of the Tipton County Clerk and Trustee on Wednesdays, serving all of South Tipton County.   Munford is home to the Tipton County Veterans Service Center,  offering support services to military veterans of all ages.  In 2013, Munford was one of the sites for the Traveling Vietnam War Memorial Wall, hosted at Poplar Park.

The 2010 census lists Munford as having 2,578 households, up 25.9% from year 2000.  The median household income is $54,832 (26.6% higher than the state median income).   Within a five minute radius by car (which includes nearby towns and unincorporated areas) the median household income rises to $58,735 (a 34.4% growth from year 2000).

According to, for the population 25 years and over in Munford:

  • High school or higher: 87.2%
  • Bachelor's degree or higher: 12.2%
  • Graduate or professional degree: 3.9%
  • Unemployed: 9.7%
  • Mean travel time to work (commute): 29.1 minutes