The Board of the Mayor and Aldermen is vested with legislative authority of city government. It holds the strategic vision for, and guides City operations. The Board sets policy through the annual budget process and by passing ordinances and resolutions.  The Board approves the budget, appoints and supervises the City Manager, confirms nominations to various Boards and Commissions, and generally oversees City functions.

The Board is comprised of 6 Aldermen who are elected at-large in the community to serve four-year terms.  The Mayor is elected by the town at-large to a four-year term and serves as the head of the Board.  

The Board holds its regular meeting on the fourth Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m. in the City Hall Boardroom at 70 College Street. The public is welcome to attend, as there is a public comment period at the end of every Board meeting.  

More information about the Board of Mayor & Aldermen is available from the menu bar on the left.   Information about the Tipton County Clerk's office and the Tipton County Trustee's office, headquartered in Covington about 12 miles north of Munford, is also available. In order to better serve the citizens of south Tipton County, both of these County departments also have part-time offices located at Munford City Hall, 1397 Munford Avenue.

Please check with City Hall at 837-0171 for the latest updates or amendments to City ordinances.