City Staff Directory

City Directory      
Dwayne Cole Mayor 901-837-5957
Sue Arthur Vice Mayor  901-837-0171
Lonnie Glass Alderman 901-837-0171
Jack Bomar Alderman  901-837-0171
Ray Deneka Alderman 901-837-0171
 Bob Wilson Alderman  901-837-0171
Glenn Turner Alderman 901-837-0171
Sherry Yelvington City Recorder / Treasurer 901-837-5955 
Mary Pinner Coordinator, Pay and Benefits 901-837-5969
Randal Baskin Police Chief 901-837-5980
Alan Barkelew Fire Chief 901-837-5960
George Watson Public Works Director 901-837-5990
Glenn Stringfellow Building Inspector/Code Enforce 901-837-5971
Griff Fisher Parks and Recreation Director 901-837-5965
Barbara Dorn Community Development  901-837-5972
Cynthia Gerwig President - Celebrate/Utility Billing  901-837-5963
Roy Meadors TYS (Tipton Youth Sports) 901-301-1821 Tackle Football
Lindsey Moore Librarian 901-837-2665
Barbara Younger Accounts Payable/Receivable 901-837-5956
Alice Green MIFA Representative 901-837-5952  
Useful Numbers      
Assessor of Property Tipton County 901-476-0213  
Car Tags Wednesday @ City Hall 901-476-0207  
Court Date or Ticket Inquire or Reschedule 901-837-5980  
Landfill Tipton County 901-837-3167  
Munford Elementary Varissa Richardson 901-837-0152  
Munford High School Dr. Courtney Fee 901-837-0173  
Munford Middle Vicki Shipley 901-837-0152  
Property Tax City Hall 901-837-0171  
Public Works Tipton County 901-837-0148  
Ritter Communications Munford Office 901-873-3131  
South Tipton Chamber Rosemary Bridges 901-837-4600  
Southwest Electric Munford Office 901-837-1900  
Tipton County School Enrollment   901-475-5818   
Tipton County Trustee Kristie Maxwell 901-476-0211  
United States Post Office Munford Office 901-837-8744  
Voter Registration Tipton County 901-476-0223  
Water-Gas-Sewer City Hall 901-837-0171