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Holiday Safety Tips

  • Have your heating system inspected by a licensed heating contractor
  • Remove clutter within 3 ft. of furnaces, gas-fired water heaters
  • Keep all combustibles 3 ft. away from space heaters-turn them off when unattended
  • Inspect wiring for decorations-discard any cracked or frayed wiring or lighting
  • Never leave candles burning when unattended or sleep in a room with a lit candle
  • Keep candles away from children!
  • Do not text and drive
  • Be prepared when traveling – keep vehicles at least half full of fuel, keep  non-perishable food items, sturdy walking shoes, and a blanket in the trunk.  Where driving when weather may be a problem, let someone know your travel plans/routing beforehand.
  • Never leave shopping items in plain view while your vehicle is parked.
  • If you plan on being away from home over the holidays contact law enforcement
  • Whenever driving always keep windows closed and doors locked.  

Enjoy a Safe Holiday Season!


We celebrate October as Fire Prevention Month – this year’s Fire Prevention theme is “Don’t Wait – Check the Date!  Replace Smoke Alarms Every 10 Years.” 

Working smoke alarms do reduce fatalities when fire occurs in homes.  As part of our public awareness of fire prevention, and fire education, we are committed to assuring that there is a working smoke alarm in every residence in the City of Munford.  If you don’t have a smoke alarm in your home, ask a Munford firefighter for one. 

Test your smoke alarms monthly.  Replace batteries on older smoke alarms twice yearly – best time is when you change your clocks.  The month/year of manufacture of the smoke alarm is typically located on the bottom side of the alarm – twist the device to remove it from the mounting base to check the date.  If the alarm is over 10 years old – replace it.  Many of the new smoke  alarms such as the Kidde LONGLIFE SMOKE ALARM have a 10 year battery that never needs replacing over the life of the alarm. 

Should you have questions, please call the Munford Fire Department at 837-5960 or stop by the fire house at 1375 Munford Avenue.

Munford & Atoka Fire Fighters Rally Behind 60-Year Tradition with MDA, Raise $2,285.00 During 2015 Fill the Boot Campaign
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Department Changes in 2015

Munford's Fire Department provides fire protection, rescue, and EMS response services to Munford residents.   The department is also a party to automatic response agreements with other Tipton County fire departments.  In this way, our Fire Department helps those neighboring fire departments in protecting our Tipton County residents -- a population estimated at 60,000.   This includes Atoka, Brighton, Gilt Edge, Drummonds, Quito, Covington, Mason, and unincorporated areas of Tipton County.  

The department responds to all types of emergencies, including: fires, medical emergencies, extrications, motor vehicle accidents, environmental emergencies, and much more. The department also remains up to date with safety inspections of all businesses every 6 months and maintains a fire hydrant system of over 1,300 operating hydrants. The department also serves as the Weather Authority for the area and maintains 9 Civil Defense sirens to alert the public in the event of impending disastrous weather.

The priorities of the department are clear:  Life Safety, Emergency Incident Stabilization, and Property Conservation.

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