Job Openings

The City of Munford only accepts applications for positions currently open.

All people seeking employment with the city must complete an application form unless position opening specifically request other form of application and method of submission.  Employment applications shall be accepted in the Human Resources Department during regular office hours only or via email at  Applications can be found on this page.

It is our general policy to keep the position open for two weeks.  However in the event an adequate pool of applicants is not established the position could be open longer and close without notice.

The prospective employee must pass; 1.) a background screening that includes a local and national criminal records search, sex offender registry, and verification identity (name, address, social security number and date of birth.) 2.)Drug testing and 3.) General physical exam, if required for the position.

                                                          Current Openings

      City Hall                               There are no openings at this time.

      Parks & Recreation        There are no openings at this time.

                                 There are no openings at this time.

      Police                                   There are no openings at this time.

      Reserve Officers              There are no openings at this time.

      Fire                                       There are no openings at this time.

      Reserve Firemen             Reserve positions are open at this time.

      Public Works                     There are no openings at this time

                                                                               Volunteer Positions

                                    Celebrate Munford                  
Please call Cynthia Gerwig to inquire (901)837-5963
                                                Library                                                  Please call Library to inquire (901)837-2665

                                                Parks & Rec                              Please call Parks & Rec to inquire (901)837-5965

General Application for Employment

Police Department Application for Employment

Fire Department Reserve/Full Time Application for Employment