Dear Citizens of Munford:

Do you live in Munford more than six months out of the year?  Starting this month of January 2017, Munford will be conducting a Mid-Decade Special Census to account for the growth our community has experienced since the 2010 Census.  It is critical that our community gets an accurate count to ensure we receive our fair share of state and federal funds.  Much of our funding for police, parks, streets, fire protection and emergency services comes from Washington DC and the State of Tennessee, and depends on the most recent Census count.  

We cannot do this alone. We need every resident to be counted. A few minutes of your time can help bring thousands of dollars back to Munford!  The Census is very basic and only asks for the first and last names of everyone residing at each address.  This includes renters and students away at school.

Here's how you can help: 

  • Just click here (Special Census form) to complete it online.  This is the easiest way to do it!
  • Or print it from this Census Form link.  Note: it may have already arrived by mail at your house.  Please fill it out and return it to City Hall by Jan 31st .  Our mailing address is 1397 Munford Ave., Munford, TN 38058
  • Or you can email it back to us at:   census@munford.com
  • Or come to City Hall and fill it out there.

If we don’t receive your form, we may phone you or send a Census worker to visit you. 

  • Please answer your phone if you get a call from our Census team at City Hall (901) 837-0171.
  • Help us and “Spread the Word”.  Make sure your neighbors, family and friends understand the importance of Munford's Special Census and being counted.

Helpful Census Tips if one of our Census workers comes to your door:

  • Check the Badge
    Each worker will be wearing a City-issued identification badge.
  • Check Your Front Door
    If a Census worker stops by and you're not home, they may leave a note on your front door with additional information on how you can complete your Census survey.
  • Questions? Call the Munford Special Census office at 901-837-0171 to verify a Census worker or ask questions.

Thank you,    

 Mayor Dwayne Cole